About Us

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit our shop!

My name is Gemma Crossley, and I am the creator and owner of Digital Gems! 

I created Digital Gems in 2015, when my first store was launched on Etsy. From Etsy my business expanded rapidly! As well as Etsy, I have now grown to sell on my own website (www.digitalgems.co.uk), The Hungry JPEG, Designbundles.net, Paper Panda, and Dandelion Alley!

Digital Gems has grown so much we are now a family run business, run by me (I do the design work) and my husband (Helps out with customer service) and our 5 young children help out with inspiration and ideas! 

Although I love all forms of art and graphic design. My biggest passion is paper cutting! I love how one piece of normal, everyday paper can become such a stunning work of art! I never get bored of admiring paper cut art, I love the different shadows each paper cut makes, it's mesmerising! Each of my designs start off as rough hand drawn sketches, and then re-drawn on to the computer. I hand cut each design from one piece of paper as well as digitally cutting. 

Although my children and husband help me out with design ideas, I also get my inspiration from a variety of other places, sometimes ideas just ‘pop’ into my imagination! Other times my countryside surroundings help. I also enjoy visiting places such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK! The artwork on show is truly inspirational! I try to use this inspiration when creating my own work!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Digital Gems, and I hope you enjoy looking through our shop!

All designs are copyrighted to Digital Gems